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Faculdade Metodista Granbery



  • Offer of undergraduate courses since 1999. Currently offering 9 programs
  • About 30 on site postgraduate programs, in addition to short term programs
  • Privileged location in Juiz de Fora with Center of Physical Education and Sports (CEFE)

The Higher education doors were open in Juiz de Fora by the Granbery Methodist Institute, when the k-12 school  was already consolidated, in 1904, the Faculties of Pharmacy and Dentistry were created. This last one was one of the first in Brazil and preceded the formation in Theology, instituted in the XIX century. It was also in the Granbery institute that the first theologians and educators of the city and of the country, such as John Panisset, were formed. In the 1930s, the faculties were closed, a fact that turned the Institute away from the university ideal for 60 years.

In 1999, higher education was once again part of the Granbery reality, with the Business Administration program. Later, the programs of Information Systems, Law, Physical Education, Pedagogy, Civil Engineering and Production Engineering were created. Currently, the institution offers nine degrees, all recognized by the MEC (Ministry of Education).

Granbery also invests in post-graduate programs as a way to meet the implicit and explicit needs and expectations of the business relationship, through the continuous improvement of our processes. The institution offers about 30 programs on site and at distance modalities (at distance in partnership with the Methodist University of São Paulo), as well as short term programs.

Research and outreach make a presence at Granbery with a number of successful initiatives. The outreach programs counts on projects such as workshops for Storytelling training (Open College for seniors citizens), which develops actions in search of quality of life and promotion of health. In research, the institution operates in two classical modalities: Scientific Initiation and Study Groups, which approach the most varied fields of knowledge.

Granbery Higher education is a differential in Juiz de Fora. Not only because Granbery is the oldest educational institution in the Zona da Mata Mineira, but also, because it presents a philosophy that integrates education, citizenship and faith.


Always seeking to train the best professionals for the job market, the Metodista Granbery College has created spaces that are equipped to meet students who seek practical experiences in their area of expertise. Students enjoy excellent infrastructure, such as a sports area, new and well-equipped auditoriums, and libraries with up-to-date collections. The institution has a privileged location in the central region of Juiz de Fora.

The Center for Physical Education and Sports (CEFE) has an area of about 22,000m², which in terms of educational institutions is one of the largest sports complexes in the state of Minas Gerais. The old swimming pools, inaugurated in 1967, were renovated and transformed into the Aquatic Park that counts with two swimming pools, engine room, filter and heating. The Olympic Gymnastics Building and the indoor court allow indoor practice and are also part of the sports space.

The Granbery Consultoria occupies an office prepared to provide services and develop projects for real clients. The Legal Practice Center, linked to the Law program, counts on a space that provides the practical experience necessary for student training, through the monitoring and participation in real situations of the practice of law and other legal careers. The Nucleus has its own headquarters in the institution's premises and maintains computational infrastructure, rooms for external attendance, as well as a broad environment for study, research and writing of procedural documents by students. All its structure is adapted to the requirements of accessibility.

In pursuit of excellence, Granbery also has laboratories equipped with all the necessary audio-visual resources in the specific areas of each program, as well as computer labs and multimedia rooms. To add even more value to the teaching offered by the Institution, students can enjoy spaces such as arena theater and auditoriums.


City that is reference in Zona da Mata, Juiz de Fora is a municipality with an excellent index of quality of life. With about 500 thousand inhabitants, the place is 272 km  far from the capital Belo Horizonte and is one of the most populous city in the state and the country, occupying an area of 1,429,875 km², of which 317,740 km² is in urban perimeter.

Recognized by the quality of the educational institutions - among them the Granbery Methodist College  and K-12 school, the city also has a good variety of services and commerce that includes malls and shops downtown.

In the final decades of the nineteenth century, Juiz de Fora stood out as an economic, political, social and cultural center. With the inauguration of the Zero Marmelos Power Plant, the first large hydropower plant in Latin America, in 1889, the place became known as "Farol de Minas", a term that also related to a well  developed industrial sector.

In 2014, Juiz de Fora had a GDP per capita of R$ 24,913.80. In comparison with the other municipalities of the state, its position was the 108th (out of 853). The city is strategically located among the largest consumer markets in the country and also offers infrastructure for investments. The municipality still has the second highest average salary per worker in the interior of Minas Gerais.

Juiz de Fora is quite rich in history and culture. In the city, it is located the oldest Museum in Minas Gerais, the Mariano Procópio. In addition to it, there is the Museum of Modern Art Murilo Mendes, Cine Central Theater, Morro do Emperor, Mascarenhas Space, Lajinha Park, among many other options. The Carnival of Juiz de Fora is one of the main and traditional local attractions, originating from the time of emancipation of the municipality, in the 1850s.