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About Methodist Education

Existing in Brazil since 1881, the Methodist educational institutions combine tradition, quality and commitment to Christian principles in such a way that it forms an integrated system of educational institutions that are distributed in various parts of the country.

The Methodist educational institutions bring together two universities, two university centers, two colleges and 15 k-12 schools, as well as three kindergartens, an institution that offers Supplementary Education, a music school, a cultural center and  a Methodism Education study center. Also including units of Theological Education, the Methodist Education enables the Church to fulfill its mission and develop its ministry to benefit Brazilian society.

Currently, there are 50 educational institutions in 13 states, in addition to the Federal District, totaling more than 50,000 students enrolled in the Basic, Technical and Higher Education, in face-to-face and on line modalities.

The Methodist educational institutions are committed to a differentiated education that brings together academic, scientific and technological excellence with the most profound ethical values and the Gospel. Its confessional character reinforces the importance of the formation of individuals who, in addition to professional competences, are transforming agents of society.